I am not your Somm.  But I might be, one day . . .

My Wine Bio :: Paso Robles, California, wine country grown.  Novice to grid tasting. Expert at drinking.  Happy when hosting.  Happier when sharing.

And so . . . welcome to my passion project. I created The Client Bar as a love letter to myself, during a season of realization that life in my prime has begun – and I have yet to lean in and give life to my creative.  As carefully documented herein from entry one entitled: “Go Broke. For Wine.“, The Client Bar vulnerably begins with a full expression of the same elements of suspension, love and loss you might find in a cinematic blockbuster.  But it wasn’t a movie, it was my own true story, and I was unwillingly cast in the leading role.

The Client Bar will express in image, poetry and prose . . . the likes, loves, sights, sufferings, and inspirations that rule my thought patterns, cause me to question, and wander into the world of wine from a self-taught, novice chair. One day this emboldened passion will turn into a legitimate wine certification. I love to learn, I love to share; however until formal certification is earned, I’m the simple equivalent of a somm-groupie, a winemaker fan-girl, a wannabe wine write who lives amongst the hills and vines in her wildest dreams.  Do you want to be a wine savage?  Have a seat at the bar and write the story with me.