Sometimes simple words cannot do what confirming signs and wonders of the Universe can.  To the soul seeker, there is magic in the Pacific Northwest.  To wine nerds like myself, “winederlust” is real and the PNW is a “can’t miss” destination on your bucket list.   I recently had the good fortune to return to Seattle, Washington this summer.  A region known for its constant grey cover of rain and fog, I was invited to prance through the beautiful Puget Sound under warm golden sunshine and crisp, fresh air for the several days I spent there.

Washington state is known for producing beautiful white wines, but as far as reds go, Washington is coming up quick and fast like Kobe Bryant on the 3-point fade.  Surprising, especially since Washington is home to the Cascades and is the second largest wine producer in our nation, after California (Oregon, a delicious 3rd). It wasn’t until 1989 that Wine Spectator included Washington wine in its ‘Top 100″ list.   There are 13-appellations and over 750+ wineries in Washington.  During my visit, I had time for only two precious wine stops.  I went, I sniffed, I saw, I slurped, I purchased . . . . and now must wax poetic about the crafty, blended juice in my RIEDEL VITIS glass last night.  One of my souvenir wine(s) from this trip included a red blend from Columbia Winery,  a nearly sold out 2013 vintage named “Vision”.  And just like a well executed, smooth “Mamba-esque” Kobe Bryant signature approach to the net, Vision left me in awe with the “nothin but net” swoosh of the first sip.

Fruit forward in expression with a round mouthfeel, this wine is a Rhône-inspired blend, structured by a varietal content of Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache and Petit Verdot.  It stands up medium-big and tall, and I was lucky to enjoy its spoils while noshing bites at a table of six industry friends and wine lovers alike at Columbia’s tasting room.  We came with clients, and we left with forever friends.  A great wine will always do that for you.  Especially when discovered for the first time in a tasting room that feels like your best friends living room, sitting in a fireplace and live music setting.  That my friends, is the Columbia tasting room experience.

Molto bene, friends!





3 thoughts on “A “Vision” Worth Sharing

  1. Tx much. Feeling very grateful 🙂
    What sort of suggestion would you like from my side of the wine world?
    I review wines all the time on Social Vignerons, mostly from Europe bu not only: Spain and Italy some of my fav, but I love Aussie and Kiwi wines too (I lived in New Zealand for 6 years).
    For red wines of a similar style to the Rhone ones, from the next door region, and close to where I live on the Mediterranean coast, I published an article examplifying how good Languedoc wines can be, 8 world-class wines from there
    Hope this is helpful and interesting 🙂
    Cheers, and santé from France 😉


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