Being from Paso Robles, being in love with wine, being ever proud of my physical and intellectual thirst of all things wine, I gifted myself today with a ridiculously priced but stunning hard cover coffee table book about the region that I know well and still call my home.  As I venture farther and farther from my youth, I now have the wisdom to realize the 18-years I spent growing up and living there was an incredible gift in life. The long, hot days produce luscious, ripe fruits, and the cold nights — with a temperature swing of as much as 50 degrees — give grapes their acidity, the ideal convergence. Paso’s rolling hills, sprawling oaks, rows upon rows of vineyards, calcareous, limestone-rich soils which mimic the conditions of the Rhône Valley in southern France, the crispy coastal air set amongst tiny, small town charm . .  . . all gifts unrecognized until I set out for life away from the region to only realize I never should have left.

So to celebrate, I splurged.  “The Winemakers of Paso Robles” book will adorn my living room and remind me daily of my roots, my heritage, and my childhood friends who now own labels, produce their own wines, and remain steadfast to curate the wine culture of Paso Robles.

An excerpt to behold the beauty of this book and the link to purchase your own copy found below.

Be led to good vino.

Cheers to your weekends, friends!

“The most ambitious, exciting winemakers in the world aren’t coming from Europe, or even Napa Valley. The focus of the wine world has turned to a former cow town that is now making the most coveted wines in the world: Paso Robles, California.

 “The Winemakers of Paso Robles”, a large format, full-color book, lovingly crafted and designed to take you beyond the cellar door, deep into the art and science of making the finest wines in the world, and celebrating the men and women who dedicate their lives in this California region to the pursuit of liquid perfection.

Through 328 pages, with hundreds of behind-the-scenes photographs and months of penetrating interviews, this journey into the world of Paso Robles winemaking provides an intimate glimpse into the passionate lives and unbelievable stories of the people behind Paso’s vibrant wine community – whose vision, talent and audacity have helped make it one of the world’s most exciting wine regions.”

The Winemakers of Paso Robles (2017) Hardcover

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