By day:

Client Relationship Management and Legal Marketer for a law firm titan based out of New York.  We serve an industry that is ever changing, ever challenging, yet static in its purpose.  I love this work, I love who I do it for, and I am proud to represent the best at what we do in the most difficult state in the union.  As a professional who makes her living in the space of satisfied clients, I take the voice of my clients [and peers] to a personal level, seeking authenticity in every relationship I am fortunate to build. In this regard, nearly all of my clients become friends, and with all of my friends, I enjoy wining and dining.

By night:

Wine student.  Passionate yogi.  Autodidact.  Bonafide oenophile.  Traveler.  Lady golfer. Earth, animal & veggie advocate.  Hungry for more.  I don’t do anything small.  I don’t do anything half-in.  I maintain a need for emotional control out of self defense, but wear my heart on my sleeve.  I will try anything twice, except a bad date.  I am drawn to emotional intelligence, cherish good character, stand for truth, and my feet remain grounded in humility because of the pocket full of “do-overs” I wish I had to make the world behind me right.

Right now:

It is winter of 2016 and these musings are the origins of my passion project.  During the holiday of 2016, a voice in the corner of my heart began questioning, whispering, suggesting, begging for the release of my creative.  I believe a life without exploring your creative is a life that lacks the fullest expression of passion. I must put all ten of my fingerprints on it and create value from it which is all my own.  At this realization I am moved to discovery and this work shall trail the footprints of this rabbit hole into wine.

“There is no use trying,” said Alice, “one can not believe impossible things.”  To which she replied, “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen.

~ Lewis Carroll

Originally from Paso Robles, California, but writing from Dallas, Texas, the aim of this manifesto is to honor the roots of my past and use them to traverse the path of my future.  [See entry one: “Go Broke. For Wine.”]  In my craving for more, I start this dialogue of one, while maybe attracting many.

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Thank you, for reading.

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