A lame excuse for a true photo gallery, I’ll have to be better at site building to include the entire album of my life of wine.  For now, some meaningful favorites.

Honig Drive
Fall 2016:  I snapped this photo at the main road entry to the Honig tasting room.  Such perfect light, just in time for a leisurely tasting after several stops in the day. Appointments Required for a Tasting – but WORTH the stop if ever in the valley.  Honig is a Certified California Sustainable Winegrower, and an innovative, leading contributor on the Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices.  They produce a lush Napa Cabernet & one of my long time, top-10 favorite Sauvignon Blanc bottles.


September 2017:  The task of scribing copious notes from atheistically pleasing points of view.  Time of day matters not when visiting.  The backlit bar top at Umbra wine room gives incredibly ambient light under which only the beauty of each person is seen.  This is what the bar top in heaven must feel like.  The charming heart of Main Street USA, in the charismatic Grapevine, TX.
Since 1980:  My Childhood Home.
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October 2014:  At the SLS Wine Bar in Washington D.C.