Excerpt from “Secrets of the Sommeliers”

Inspiration ON: BECOMING A SOMMELIER "Much like their forebears, few of today's top U.S. Sommeliers came into the restaurant business planning to do what they are currently doing. But a common factor binds them now: a passion for wine that almost defies description.  Both their professional lives and their personal lives are centered around wine.  … Continue reading Excerpt from “Secrets of the Sommeliers”

Wine Friends, Wine Frenemies.

 "The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling."   ~ Fabienne Fredrickson, Founder of Boldheart Fact:  Multiple people can feel passion for the same things. Fact: The wine world has been very warm, and welcoming to me. Fact:  Throwing shade at someone will always keep you from shining your own light. A … Continue reading Wine Friends, Wine Frenemies.

Southbound to Austin, TX

The best part about being a wine-geek is [without a doubt] the ongoing set of new things you discover, taste, experience, and learn about on the journey to full-blown wine nerd.  I've lately become a huge fan of the history in Washington and the juicy, impressive wines the region is producing.  And, who's with me … Continue reading Southbound to Austin, TX

What I’ve learned so far. Or rather, not learned.

How about a little humble pie for Sunday morning brunch, say you?  I've just had a hot, steaming pile of it friends, and trust me - it's not tasty. The gap of passionately drinking, sharing and loving ALL things of the wine world versus becoming a student of wine in order to think and drink … Continue reading What I’ve learned so far. Or rather, not learned.