Dare to think. Differently.

“To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield.”

~ Quote is the final verse of Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses

Tell me wine is NOT a great thing of tumultuous beauty – I dare you – and then I’ll call you insane.  In all my studies, tasting room tours, vineyard visits, literary explorations, conversations with Somm friends, wine club purchases, experiments, viewings of film, wandering hours of Total Wine & More aisles, and childhood memories of the fragrance of fresh pulled cork – the wine world is a depth that I will never be able to fully explore.  Translate: my passion could happily never end.

I snapped this photo during my last wine trip to the valley.  For me, this is the equivalent of the famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign, so I was giddy of course – even after having seen it several times before. Might I always maintain this childlike awe and wonder? I hope. Well over one year has passed since I was there, and it’s about time to refresh (translate: drop old, add new) my wine club memberships. Oh harvest, finish quickly, I cannot wait to visit and explore again!

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